New Energy Truck

Specially designed for autonomous driving Adaptable to various working conditions in open-pit mines.

Drive-by-wire Chassis Platform
  • Suitable for range-extended, pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks
  • Factory-installation design
Systematic Safety Design
  • Hardware redundancy design for steering, braking, parking, and powering.
  • Real-time fault diagnosis system.
Optimal TCO
  • Better dynamic performance and higher haulage efficiency than diesel trucks

Intelligent AHS Management System

MineHive is specifically designed for mining operations, including intelligent fleet dispatching and monitoring, high-precision map update management and data analysis etc.

Intelligent Dispatching with Optimal Efficiency
Monitoring with 3D view
High-definition Maps Management
Data Management and Analysis
Remote Driving
Flexible and Scalable Architecture

Intelligent Dispatching with Optimal Efficiency

  • Haulage Dispatching: Dynamically global dispatching of multi-fleet in multiple loading areas and dumping sites, adapting to rapidly changing production demands and guarantees optimal haul capacity.
  • Truck Management: Optimal dispatching of trucks to execute fleet recall, recharging and calibration.

Monitoring with 3D view

  • 3D maps with berms, roads, loading/dumping areas etc. from drones data Display of status of mobile equipment with 3D model on map and fault/warning flags。
  • Real-time second-level statistical data display.
  • Real-time playback and storage of roadside and on-board monitoring videos.

High-definition Maps Management

  • Automated mapping: automatically generating vector map.
  • Real-time incremental updates of dynamically changing areas.
  • Import of mining CAD blueprints and Export of map data generated by AHS systems.

Data Management and Analysis

  • Management of data in one place, storage, analysis, and search of data from multiple mines.
  • Multi-dimensional data statistics with daily/monthly/yearly production, operation and AHS performance reports

Remote Driving

  • Flag request of remote takeover by automatic decision from MineHive to reduce the workload of operators.
  • Real-time, high-definition, low latency 360-degree video images without blind spots.
  • Virtual vehicle instruments display with real driving experience.
  • Collision prevention, overspeed prevention, rollover prevention, network interruption protection to assist remote driving with safety.

Flexible and Scalable Archeitecture

  • Interfaces with ERP, MES and other management systems.
  • Interfaces with GNSS slope monitoring system and SAR slope monitoring system.
  • Interfaces with trucks of different models, power types, and manufacturers in a single mine.
  • Private cloud deployment, public cloud deployment, and mixed deployment.
  • Different system integration per clients requests.

On-board Autonomous Driving System

A safe and efficient On-board Autonomous Driving System especially designed for mining haulage.



RadarDetection range: 250m、Multi-sensor fusion algorithms

2Multi-channel LiDAR

Multi-channel LiDARDetection range: 100m, detection accuracy: 0.1m, FOV: 270° Multi-sensor fusion algorithms Identify vehicles, pedestrians, obstacles, berms, spilled materials, and ruts.


CameraRemote Control Driving, 360° panoramic image

4Localization and Communication

Localization and CommunicationRTK localization, 5cm accuracy 5G/4G public network or private network V2X network

5Computing Platform

Computing PlatformEmbedded supercomputing platform Deterministic low latency Basic software and hardware conforming to functional safety requirements Highly reliable automotive-grade connectors Mass-production ready, strong adaptability

6Drive-by-wire chassis and lifting

Drive-by-wire chassis and liftingCentralized domain electronic and electrical architecture Emergency braking and steering








8 Drive-by-wire electric chassis

Drive-by-wire electric chassis

150-line automotive-grade LiDAR, maximum detection distance of 500m, detection range of 250m, FOV of 120×25°, environmental temperature adaptability of -40°C to 85°C

  • Multi-layer Safety
  • Efficient and Continuous Haul Capacity
  • Reliable design
  • Strong Adaptability
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Multiple layers of safety measures, including fault/failure diagnosis, fault prediction, and operation risk assessment.
  • Design to comply with related requirements of information security and data security.
  • Report fault/failure to MineHive to ensure behavior prediction and implement corresponding risk management measures to ensure safety.
  • Identification of mining obstacles such as vehicles, rocks, berms, and slopes and making decisions on-board on obstacles to ensure operation efficiency.
  • V2X near-field communication to enable decision on right-of-way and improve traffic efficiency.
  • Automatic speed adjustment based on load, terrain, curvature, slope etc..
  • Automotive-grade hardware to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures and strong vibrations.
  • Unique shock absorber design and auto-cleaning device for sensors to adapt to more challenging operational environments.
  • Auto-inspections for sensors, actuators, power assemblies, smart devices, and system software.
  • Monitoring and analysis of truck operation data for prediction maintenance.
  • Flexible configuration and calibration of autonomous functions for fast delivery in different mines.
  • Ability to withstand harsh weather conditions such as dust, strong winds, snow, and rain to ensure continuous operation
  • Energy-efficient algorithms.
  • Dynamically planned path to evenly roll on the roads to reduce road maintenance Continuous Capacity.
  • Intelligent evaluation on truck status to provide guidance for inspection scheduling and component replacement.
  • Ability to detour on falling rocks and reduce speed automatically on rough roads to avoid damage to wheels.

Collaboration System

Collaboration System is composed of devices installed on manned vehicles and roadside devices, which enables safe and efficient collaboration among autonomous trucks, excavators, loaders, graders, water trucks, fuel trucks, light vehicles, etc.


Collaborative Operation and Intelligent Site Inspection

  • Standardized mechanical and electrical interfaces of collaborative devices for quick installation and deployment.
  • General functions such as location reporting, status collection, V2X near-field communication, HMI, and collaborative operations assist.
  • Loading collaboration: Automatically generate boundaries of excavation, allowing trucks to enter the loading area automatically to improve loading efficiency
  • Interaction with autonomous vehicles: Generate cooperation requests for autonomous trucks to cooperate with patrols, refueling and watering, mapping data collection, roads and berms refurbishment etc. through PAD HMI

Smart Roadside Devices

  • Intersection Management: Intersection monitoring, vehicle detection, intersection traffic control and traffic flow management to support mixed operations of manned and unmanned fleets.
  • Key Area Monitoring: Monitoring of the material spilling in areas such as curves and slopes in real time, automatically reporting abnormalities to MineHive for timely handling.